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Streamline your swimming


Once you learnt and feel comfortable with the basics and you want to improve the coaching gets more specific.
Maybe you want to get faster or more efficient, maybe you want to swim longer distances. You get out of breath after 50m. You have a specific goal like finish the swimming part of a triathlon in a certain time. Or you just want to swim more effortlessly.

We can respond to your needs individually and specifically with our expertise and experience.
We analyze and show you the body connections during your swimming on the videos. To improve your swimming on this level it’s important to stabilize the connections within your body to be more efficient in the water.
Your swimming should become more intelligent rather than more exhaustig.

The other strokes:
Are you fascinated by the elegance of the butterfly swimmers? Maybe you can do endless laps of breaststroke but you finally want to be faster or learn front crawl? And backstroke is a nice change to the strokes you do face down in prone position.

All the different strokes are mutually beneficial and every stroke you learn will boost your swimming in general.

Rivers, lakes, oceans:

As soon as you feel comfortable in the water and your confidence is growing you might want to try open water swimming.
We support your first steps in a lake, river or the sea and offer camps and courses. More info about open water swimming here.