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SwimMastery creates an extraordinary personal development environment for mastery-oriented swimmers, from learning to swim in the pool to swimming the English Channel.

SwimMastery is an extraordinary skill development and collaborative community for mastery-oriented coaches, helping their practices and businesses prosper.

We recognize and promote solid Principles, Processes, and extraordinary People (including you)

SwimMastery: where swimmers and coaches thrive!

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BaselOpenWater is a club for open water swimming and open water swimmers in the Basel region.

Swimming in open water (rivers, lakes and the sea) is a trendsport. BaselOpenWater offers education and training for newbies as well as experienced open water swimmers:

  • guided pool trainings for a open water-proof and secure swimming technique
  • guided pool and open water trainings with an emphasis on distance/speed
  • non-guided trainings in the pool, rivers and lakes as well as group-excursions
  • open water workshops for various levels
  • a nice and swim-oriented community
  • and many more

Just come in for a trial and meet nice people!

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TriPower Grenzach

TriPower in Grenzach is THE place in the Basel region for wetsuits:
a wide choice of brands and sizes and expert advice help you to find the right wetsuit for you.

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Saferswimmer swim buoys and tow-floats

Saferswimmer/360swim make real good tow-floats/swim buoys with or without dry bags in various sizes and colours (f.e. the “heavy duty” nylon buoy with dry bag).
Shipping to Switzerland is fast and easy.

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